The goal is to acquire property that can be used as a base camp for our operations. We will also be looking for private landowners who will allow our adventures and camps on their property. In return, we will clean up the property and work toward a sustainable and natural environment.

Human EcoLifeParks, sanctuaries for people, Permaculture food forest sanctuaries for day visitors, campers travelers.

Acquiring multiple properties of two acres or more and creating permaculture food forests Now is the right time to develop Human ECO Life Parks. Birds have sanctuaries, and other endangered species have sanctuaries. It's time for humans!! We are endangered along with the earth and all life. It's time for responsibility and action. Many of us know that the global system as it is isn't sustainable. The knowledge is available to transform the earth back Into a garden. Let's get to it. What are your thoughts?

ECO Life Parks
December 1 - 2021


ECO Life Parks 2 acres + permaculture campgrounds with a resident host.


⦁ Acquire 2 Acres + properties throughout the country.
⦁ Landscape with permaculture design incorporating camping spaces of ¼ acre.


A gravel road and pathway 16 feet wide lead in and access all camp spaces. Campsites will have a level pad of 16 feet by 40 feet. One in six campsites will be designated glamping and have special accommodations. All ECO Life Parks will have restrooms with showers. Properties will be Landscaped in a permaculture food forest design 


Acquired Property

.23 Acres to be used as a prototype for a glamping site or campsite
Larry Weber

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