Sunday, May 1, 2022

Human ECO Life Parks | Needs

  At this stage, the Human ECO Life Parks needs are, donated space or funding for office space a bus or RV could suffice as a mobile office and outreach vehicle, we would also like some help to organize this nonprofit and Volunteers. Once we have a base, we will focus on legalities, permits, licensing, insurance coverage, etc. We will also seek advisers, and professional consultants to help with organizational structure and other needs.

 One of our operational priorities will be acquiring a bus with graphics that will enhance our outreach and make our mission possible. The bus can also be a source of revenue through the advertising of our sponsors and donors. We will constantly be searching out suitable properties for our Human ECOLife Parks Thank you for reading the Earthxy blog Human ECO Life Parks post. Please comment share it with others and follow our progress.

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